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  1. The team at agree to provide access to all educational materials published within the online educational package owned/published by the editorial board.
    • For users linked to organisations, access will be given to users added/agreed by the administrative team of the hospital.
  2. The period of access to the project starts upon receipt of the agreed payment or as stated within the accompanying offer.
  3. By registering for the project, hospitals have agreed to:
    • Users registered under the hospital to submit anonymised cases from the hospital for discussion on the platform.
    • The project administrative team to use outcome data obtained from the hospital and/or other sources, for the purpose of auditing and monitoring practice improvement. This data may anonymously be used by the project editorial board for research publications.
  4. Users agreeing to join the project are agreeing to:
    • All submitted materials (including personal opinions and comments) to be used by the editorial board of within the project for:
      • Educational purposes, within lectures, presentations or feedback.
      • Research and audits which the editorial team have agreed to undertake or support.
      • As part of an expert opinion for the review of cases submitted to the editorial board.
    • The material provided for this project is intended for the improvement of global health and education. All submitted materials can be used for the purpose of education by any member of the editorial board, any member of the expert team or project users. However, this does not give permission for any materials submitted by other authors; including user feedback or opinions, to be used for commercial purposes on platforms other than, except after obtaining their personal permission.
  5. Users agreeing to join the project under an organisational link must be aware that:
    • The hospital nominated admin and supervising team will have access to oversee progress and certificates of individual staff for the purpose of compliance auditing.
    • The hospital nominated admin and supervising team will have access to oversee the number of discussions individual staff have participated in for the purpose of monitoring continuous professional development
    • The hospital has the right to add or remove user access.
  6. By agreeing to join our team, you agree to abide to the general ethics of publication and communication. Any breach of these rules is the sole responsibility of the submitting author(s). This includes:
    • Any submitted material must not contain any patient or colleague identifying information.
    • Any submitted material must not contain any copyrighted content, except after obtaining permission from the original author(s) / publisher(s).
    • Any submitted material must not contain any offensive or abusive content. Any offensive or abusive content will be removed from the platform and reported.
  7. The editorial team of have the right to:
    • Remove and report any submitted material in the event of the arising of evidence of plagiarism or breach of confidentiality.
    • Remove and report any submitted material containing any offensive or abusive content.
    • Exclude and report any member who is noted to display any offensive or abusive behaviour.
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